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Personalized Support to Members of the Association
  • Reception, references, and support.
  • Information on various resources. Example: shoes and clothing suitable for little people.
  • Technical aids: references or equipment loans. Example: bicycles, car pedal extensions.
  • Adaptation of the physical environment (at home, work, school).
  • Support for social integration. Example: references for job search, twinning with other members, social activities.
  • Support of individuals to assert their rights. Example: getting parking stickers for disabled people.
  • Distribution of a newsletter three times a year.

Collective Defense of the Rights and Interests of Little People

  • Approach governments and administrative bodies to inform them of the specific needs of little people.
  • Work together with organizations representing persons with disabilities.
  • Carry out political action to gain recognition of dwarfism as a disability in itself.
  • Participate in study or training groups. Example: opinion on the new metro cars.

Public Involvement

  • Information sent to health and social services professionals (occupational therapists, physiotherapists, social workers, etc.)
  • Information for students as part of their homework on dwarfism.
  • Outreach activities in schools.
  • Meetings with the media.
  • Contacts with specialized companies in order to develop adapted items.
  • Publication of papers, reports, and informational documents.



© 2011 AQPPT - Translated by George Bravo and Judy Murphy