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Leisure Activities: Opportunities for Sharing and Elements of Inclusion

We cannot say it often enough that little people have the same needs and desires as everyone else: they need to interact with their peers, have fun, learn, and be treated as respected adults. However, because of their small stature, they sometimes tend to doubt themselves, deprecate themselves, and isolate themselves.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that people with dwarfism find and engage in activities that will contribute to maintaining and improving their health, well-being, and self-esteem. Whether they are sports, music, cultural outings, or do-it-yourself courses, etc., leisure activities are an important factor for inclusion. They allow people with functional limitations who are faced with being different to:

  • Maintain their health and physical abilities as long as possible.
  • Develop their creative potential and talents.
  • Realize their aspirations.
  • Develop their social skills.
  • Participate fully in society, etc.



© 2011 AQPPT - Translated by George Bravo and Judy Murphy