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Following a shift of orientation in the 1980s (see the page Our History in the section About us), the AQPPT decided to take action to promote and defend the rights of little people. Its actions are at several distinct and complementary levels.

The Association supports little people individually* and collectively to have them recognized as disabled persons, particularly by governments and institutions. It works to have the rights of little people recognized by law or to see that the law is fully implemented, if those rights have already been recognized. For instance: little people will often be denied the special parking sticker for disabled persons. In order to make known the plight of people with dwarfism and of their parents, the AQPPT meets representatives from the SAAQ (Quebec Automobile Insurance Board).

The Association is involved in various associations that defend the rights of persons with disabilities. Thus, the AQPPT is member of several groups including COPHAN (Confédération des organismes de personnes handicapées du Québec (www.cophan.org). By participating in various committees on various topics, the AQPPT shows its solidarity with various social issues such as:

  1. Inclusion, that is, the universal accessibility, the duty to accommodate, etc.
  2. Compensation of all costs associated with functional limitations (disabled persons themselves should not have to pay for these costs).
  3. Recognition of the expertise of persons with disabilities about their situation.

Through all its actions, the AQPPT is working to end prejudice and improve the image of people with dwarfism. In fact, "dwarfs" are too often associated with mythology, fiction, and superstition (lucky charm, Santa's elves, characters of fairy tales, etc.) Therefore, we prefer to use the term little people, thus emphasizing the fact that individuals with dwarfism are people. In this sense, the AQPPT ensures respect for little people and fights against any form of discrimination or degrading attitude.


*Our individualized support services such as those involving administrative procedures or following up a file are available to members of the Association. To join, please visit the page Participating in the AQPPT in the section About Us.




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