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The feelings of social exclusion that little people experience only worsen in isolation. This is why the Association has assumed the mandate of organizing social activities for its members and friends. These meetings aim at breaking the isolation still quite present among the population of little people and so damaging to their physical and psychological health.

Whatever the reason for conducting these activities may be, these meetings bring participants to exchange, discuss, and share common experiences. The Association provides and creates the environment, the atmosphere, and the framework for everyone to feel at home. At these reunions that include adult little people, parents of children of small stature, and supporting members, we enjoy ourselves, we learn to know and love ourselves, we understand ourselves, and we accept ourselves as we are.

These meetings that welcome adults and children may sometimes include between 100 and 200 people, a significant number that shows the need and relevance of these regular gatherings.

The Provincial Annual Meeting:  our summer camp spreads out over three consecutive days during the month of August. A large number of families come to enjoy the campfire, to swim and play water games, to participate in bocce and volleyball tournaments, or to unwind at the Saturday evening dance. People come to re-energize and build new friendships that will become established throughout the year.

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Christmas Party: At this time of the year when little people are too often associated with Santa's elves, our party is held away from prying and unkind eyes. The fantastic and exhilarating atmosphere particular to this time of the year makes our big Christmas party magical and unique. The slogans are fun, cheerfulness, happiness and festivities. For the children, we add the magic of Santa Claus who comes to greet them and hands small gifts to each one of them.

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Sugaring-Off: Each year during the month of March, the Association invites its members and friends to a sugar shack in the Monteregie region. They come in large numbers to celebrate and enjoy a traditional hearty meal of the sugaring-off season.

In addition to eating to their hearts' content, members take the time to talk and to exchange with others. This is also part of the goal pursued by this kind of activity: to spend a good time with people who share similar experiences and similar difficulties that can be easily discussed.

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Open Doors: Around a friendly barbecue, members of the Association may sometimes invite other members to visit their home when it has undergone changes to increase the autonomy and well-being of little people living there. For these visitors, this is the opportunity to exchange ideas with an eye to adapting their own homes while learning the procedures that could ensure the funding required to conduct these home adaptations.

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© 2011 AQPPT - Translated by George Bravo and Judy Murphy